Dakota Sunset Museum

The Dakota Sunset Museum is an Award-Winning museum located in downtown Gettysburg.  Opened in 1990, the museum was built specifically to house the Sacred Medicine Rock. The Rock, with hand prints and footprints embedded in the face, attracts hundreds of visitors each year with the mysterious story of its creation.


The museum also homes a Civil War exhibit in our new addition; a Big Game Animal Collection; a complete Blacksmith Shop; One-Room Country Schoolhouse; and over 15,000 Potter County and area obituaries for family research.


The museum recently gained a new addition to the Civil War exhibit: the James Rifle.  It was produced by the Ames Manufacturing Company in 1862, but because of the bronze rifling wear and tear, they were not used for long - no known rifles were produced after 1862.  All the James Rifles used in the Battle of Gettysburg were from the 2nd Battery of the Connecticut Artillery and part of the Artillery Reserve.  The tube now residing in the Museum came to the Gettysburg National Park Service from the Petersburg battlefield in 1987.


Come check out the newest exhibit, "FUR-get the Faux Furs!" showing the fur coats that were popular with the ladies of Gettysburg in the early 19th Century. 


If you are interested in a walking tour of the historical buildings the museum offers, please ask one of the workers.


Donations are appreciated.


Summer Hours:

     1:00pm to 5:00pm, Monday to Saturday

     Closed Sundays


Winter Hours:

     1:00pm to 5:00pm, Tuesday to Saturday

     Closed Sundays


Museum is closed on all Recognized Holidays


205 W. Commercial Ave., Suite 104

Gettysburg, SD 57442

(605) 765-9480



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