Russell Anderson, City Maintenance Supervisor

City of Gettysburg Maintenance

Rubble Site Information
 Photo By David Fransen

The City of Gettysburg Rubble Site is only open in the spring and summer months.


Open Monday to Friday 1pm to 5pm

Saturday 9am to 5 pm.

Garbage Collection/Recycling

Heartland picks up trash on Monday for residential customers and Thursday for commercial customers.

Snow and Ice Removal

City Parking and Snow Removal

When two inches of snow or more have fallen in Gettysburg, no parking on city streets for 24 hours or until snow removal is complete.

No parking on downtown streets in the business district form 2-6 am for snow removal.

Business district consists of the following:

Blaine Avenue form Harrison Street to Mannston Street

Logan Avenue from East Street to Main Street

Commercial Avenue from East Street to Main Street

East Street from Garfield Avenue to Logan Avenue

Main street from Garfield Avenue to Logan Avenue

King Avenue from Broadway Street to Mannston Street


Maintenance Updates

2021 Drinking Water Report is Now Available Under Reports

There are no water restrictions at the moment.

Rubble Site - Unauthorized Waste

  1. Hazardous waste: Waste oil, solvents, PCB's ash or similar wastes.

  2. Pesticide containers

  3. Regulated asbestos-containing materials

  4. Lead-acid batteries

  5. Putrescible wastes: Municipal solid waste and household garbage.

  6. Liquid Waste: Petroleum products, sludges, tar, paint, used motor oil, contaminated water, or other liquid wastes.

  7. Treated wood

  8. Miscellaneous Wastes: Cardboard, plastic, sytrofoam, packaging materials, loose insulation, sealants, and adhesives.

  9. Electronic Wastes: TV's computers, monitors, cell phones, and VCRs/DVDs

  10. Contaminated Soil

  11. Tires

Civil War Land Bids

Quoted from the March 4, 2013 Council Meeting Minutes:

"At this appointed time the hay bids for the airport and Civil War Site were presented for

the following years 2013 thru 2017. 

     Beringer Farms for the Airport Hay land of 20 acres more or less: $800.00 per year.

     Beringer Farms for the Civil War site of 40 acres more or less: $1600.00 per year.

Motion by Bausch, Larson seconded to accept these bids, motion carried.

The civil war Association sent a note to the Mayor that the Association has been trying to

purchase items for the cannon and they requested funds from the Civil war site hay bids.

Moved by Nagel, seconded by VanBockel to table this request and to invite Bert VanEssen

to the next meeting to discuss this further."

Street Projects:

City of Gettysburg City Maintenance is working on updating most of the streets in Gettysburg.  The map is color-coded to show which roads will be worked on which year.  This project is believed to go all the way until 2018.


The streets are being re-paved and sealed to protect from water damage.