City of Gettysburg History

The City of Gettysburg was platted in 1883 by Civil War veterans who traveled out to the Dakota Territory after the war had ended.  Both Confederate and Union veterans made their way out west to Potter County and homesteaded. They named the town Gettysburg after the infamous battle to honor their fallen comrades and to acknowledge those men who had survived. 


Being less than 20 miles away from the river had its advantages for the city.  There was a large Cheyenne Agency on the other side of the Missouri River, where a lot of trading was done with the Native American peoples. The Medicine Rock, which can now be found in the Dakota Sunset Museum, was originally placed 15 miles west of town on a land plot.  It was what would be considered a modern-day "tourist attraction" for trappers, traders, and soldiers who came out to Dakota Territory in the 1800's and 1900's.


Gettysburg, SD was incorporated into a City in 1907. Since then, many of the descendants who can trace their family tree back to the original settlers can still be found in town today.








Photos donated from the Dakota Sunset Museum