City of Gettysburg City Government

The City of Gettysburg runs on a City Council Government, in which all decisions are voted on and discussed thouroughly.


The City Mayor is Bill Wuttke, who has involved in the City politics for over 20 years.


The goal of the City Council is to promote safety and improve the infrastructure of the City, including streets and parks, while upholding the City's laws and ordinances.


Members of the City also include:

Russell Anderson, Maintenance and Airport Manager

Robert Scheckler, Health Officer

Sheila Schatz, Finance Officer

Susanne Conradie, Deputy Finance Officer

Michael Larson, Attorneys

Dave Mogard, Chief of Police

Shiann Haupert, Police Officer

Official Depositories: Bank of the West and Great Western Bank

Mayor Bill Wuttke

Bill Wuttke has been Mayor of the City of Gettysburg since 2012.

Fran VanBockel

Fran VanBockel has been a Council Member since 2008.

Philip Nagel

Philip Nagel is a returning Council Member and President of the Council

Brad Frost

Brad Frost has been a Council Member since July 1, 2019 for Ward 1

Adam Roseland

Adam Roseland is Council Vice President and has been part of the council since 2017.

Kelly Archer

Kelly Archer has been part of the council since 2018.

Eric Ellwanger

Eric is our newest council member elected June 2, 2020 for Ward 2.

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