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Airport Committee: Bill Wuttke, Philip Nagel, and Dawn Nagel


Animal Control Committee: Adam Roseland and Kelly Archer


Parks and Recreation Committee: Kelly Archer and Dawn Nagel


Building Permits Committee:  Kelly Archer and Adam Roseland

Economic Development: Bill Wuttke and Kelly Archer


Finance Office and Maint. Building: Bill Wuttke, Philip Nagel, and Fran VanBockel


Fire Department and Auditorium: Bill Wuttke, Philip Nagel and Kelly Archer


Health and Safety and Drug Policy: Bill Wuttke, Philip Nagel and Fran VanBockel


Law Enforcement: Bill Wuttke, Fran VanBockel, and Fran VanBockel


Rubble Site: Fran VanBockel and Brad Frost


Streets Committee: Adam Roseland, Dawn Nagel and Kelly Archer


Water and Wastewater Committee: Adam Roseland, Dawn Nagel and Brad Frost

5-Year Planning Committee: Dawn Nagel, Adam Roseland, and Bill Wuttke