City of Gettysburg Rural Airport

Russell Anderson, Airport Contact 605-769-2814

The Gettysburg Municipal Airport is a 24/7 airport, serving the community of Gettysburg, the nearby farmers, hunters, fishermen, and avid golfers. A courtesy car is provided by the City of Gettysburg on the condition all rules are obeyed. Rules are posted in the airport lounge. Please contact City Hall 605-765-2264 with any questions.


Gettysburg Airport now has Self-Serve Fuel

Av Gas $4.10 per gallon

Jet A Fuel $3.75 gallon

                                                                       prices updated 03/04/2020



Address for the Airport:

Gettysburg Airport

31018 Airport Place,

Gettysburg, SD 57442



Airport Land Leases: