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The City of Gettysburg is located 15 miles east of the Missouri River in Central South Dakota.  The city can be accessed via South Dakota Highway 212 and South Dakota Highway 83. At about 1.89 square miles, Gettysburg homes 1162 residents. According to the 2010 Census, there were 558 households with an average of 2.08 people per household.


The City of Gettysburg is home to 68 businesses. The average home price is $150,000. 


Gettysburg is a popular area for hunters, especially during Pheasant Season.  There are multiple hotels to stay at during your hunting trip to Gettysburg! Check out our City Businesses section to find the hotel right for you!

There are 8 churches in the City of Gettysburg. Please take a look at our "City Churches" page for more information about some of the churches we have in town.


The Potter County Library is located next door to the Dakota Sunset Museum.  For more information, see their Facebook page here:



The City of Gettysburg is the home of the Battlers. There is an Elementary School and High School, the latter of which has been recently updated with a new gym, weight lifting room, and new overall Junior High/High School building.  The mission of the Gettysburg School is to provide students with the educational background and tools to allow them to optimize their potential for success in the global society they will live and work in.  For more information, please check out the school website here:





The City of Gettysburg has a hospital, Avera Gettysburg Hospital, as well as Avera Oahe Manor, which is a nursing home.

If you wish to get a hold of either, their information is below:


Avera Gettysburg Hospital

606 E. Garfield Ave.

Gettysburg, SD 57442



Avera Oahe Manor

700 E Garfield Ave.,

Gettysburg, SD 57442



The average temperatures are as follows:

January: 21.7 F

July: 75.6 F

And the average annual precipitation is 19.69 inches.

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City of Gettysburg Employment Opportunities

The application for all Municipal jobs can be found here:


At this time, the City of Gettysburg has this position open:


Seasonal Maintenance Worker for Park Projects


City of Gettysburg Employees

The City of Gettysburg employees about 18 full-time, part-time, and seasonal workers. 


Sheila Schatz, Head Finance Officer, Full-Time

Susanne Conradie, Deputy Finance Officer, Part-Time

Russell Anderson, Head of Maintenance, Full-Time

Greg Gerber, Asst Maintenance, Full-Time

Tyler Jost, Maintenance Worker, Full-Time

Allen Pope-Maintenance Worker, Full-Time

Bert Van Essen, Rubble Site, Seasonal

Dave Mogard, Police Chief, Full-Time

Shiann Haupert, Police Officer, Full Time

Nadine Simon, Pool Manager, Seasonal

Jamie Ahlemeier, Pool Manager, Seasonal

Steven Zuber, Ambulance Director, Volunteer