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Welcome to the City of Gettysburg,

South Dakota!

photo courtesy of Bill Wuttke

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Welcome to the City of Gettysburg! The city known as "Where the Battle Wasn't," Gettysburg, S.D. is the sister city to Gettysburg, P.A. 


A town of about 1152 people, Gettysburg is the epitome of small town living.  Situated in the middle of the Prairie, Gettysburg is perfect for hunters and fishermen alike.


Gettysburg is the County Seat, so we have a top-of-the-line courthouse that houses both court processions and information about the City of Gettysburg. 


Included is an events calendar that outlines all the events for the month.


We have a Potter County newspaper that comes out on every Wednesday, that can be found here:



You can also reach the Potter County News at (605)765-2464.








City Announcements:

The City Maintenance Department is busy replacing water meter heads at various businesses & residences around town.

***If you receive a postcard, door knocker, phone call please don't ignore it, call the City Finance Office ASAP to set up an appointment.


Thank you!

City Parking and Snow Removal

When two inches of snow or more have fallen in Gettysburg, no parking on city streets for 24 hours or until snow removal is complete.

No parking on downtown streets in the business district form 2-6 am for snow removal.

Business district consists of the following:

Blaine Avenue form Harrison Street to Mannston Street

Logan Avenue from East Street to Main Street

Commercial Avenue from East Street to Main Street

East Street from Garfield Avenue to Logan Avenue

Main street from Garfield Avenue to Logan Avenue

King Avenue from Broadway Street to Mannston Street

Courtesy of Potter County News