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South Dakota!

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Welcome to the City of Gettysburg! The city known as "Where the Battle Wasn't," Gettysburg, S.D. is the sister city to Gettysburg, P.A. 


A town of about 1152 people, Gettysburg is the epitome of small town living.  Situated in the middle of the Prairie, Gettysburg is perfect for hunters and fishermen alike.


Gettysburg is the County Seat, so we have a top-of-the-line courthouse that houses both court processions and information about the City of Gettysburg. 


Included is an events calendar that outlines all the events for the month.


We have a Potter County newspaper that comes out on every Wednesday, that can be found here:



You can also reach the Potter County News at (605)765-2464.








City Announcements:


The next Gettysburg City Council Meeting will be held Monday May 3rd, 2021 @ 7:00pm - via Zoom.   It is open to the public and, if you are interested in attending via Zoom, please click on the Meeting Button below. (Agenda will be posted when available)

NOTE: If you are wanting to participate in the meeting and not just observe be sure and:

Click on the visual and audio buttons

We ask that you use the hand raising option so as to obtain order. 

Thank you.

Toilets are not Trashcans Campaign!

Products such as wipes, paper towels and feminine hygiene products should not be flushed, but often are, causing problems for utilities that amount to billions of dollars in maintenance and repair costs—costs which ultimately pass on to the consumer.  Other consumer products contain ingredients, such as plastic microbeads and triclosan, which may harm water quality and the environment.  Fats, oils and greases (FOG) and unused pharmaceuticals should also be kept out of the sewer system.

NOTICE:  Although the Fire Hydrants are owned by the City of Gettysburg it is however the property owners responsibility to make sure that it is cleared of snow.  Fire Hydrants must be accessible at all times with a 3 foot radius & a clear path to the street. Please direct any questions or concerns on this issue to City Hall. 

Pre-Disaster Mitigation Plan for Potter County



City of Gettysburg - 2021